History of Rrg

Rome Radiology Group was founded in 1970, having served the Floyd community for 48 years. RRG’s vast presence in Northwest Georgia and East Alabama has provided it with the opportunity to offer sub-specialized readings in the various fields of radiology.  These sub-specialized services from RRG include: Body Radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Neuroradiology, and Nuclear Medicine. Sub-specializing in radiology is typically a benefit afforded only to much larger communities. Today RRG is comprised of 13 radiologists and is proud to provide top tier radiology services to the facilities we staff. 

RRG has a tradition of collegiality among radiologists of all subspecialties, with frequent consultations during the workday in person and via PACS. Consultations with referring physicians are available 24/7 and facilitated by online access to images. RRG has supported all imaging sites with development of new technologies, evaluating  equipment purchases, and setting imaging protocols. RRG physicians are deeply involved in the community, including: Scouting, charitable organizations, and educational advancement in both public and private schools.

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RRG is managing partner of Rome imaging center - the site of the first spiral CT, first MRI, first PET, and first PET/CT in Rome. In addition to being the vanguard of radiological technology in Rome, RRG has adopted a uniform internet based image sharing system as seen in PACS. RRG physicians began to interpret the newest imaging modality MRI for breast disease. These are just a few of the unique aspects of RRG that demonstrate our leadership and ingenuity.